Monday, May 14, 2007

An ice cube for my sister (major safety PSA)

Many years ago, my sister sent most of our Seder in pain because she'd burned herself helping me in the kitchen, and I didn't have any ice for her burn, it never having occurred to me that I needed an icecube tray for Pesach (Passover).

Needless to say, I went out on Chol HaMoed (an "intermediate" day of a Pilgrimage Festival, when shopping and necessary work are permitted) and bought an icecube tray.

Then it occurred to me that I'd been an idiot, which is why I'm posting this as a major public service announcement: Make sure that you not only have an icecube tray for Pesach, but, also, that it's the first thing you put into your freezer when you finish cleaning and lining it for Pesach, in case you "fry" yourself while kashering utensils, cooking or baking.

Which means, among other things, that you have to be able to find it!

And so, the year that my husband did me a favor and put away all the Pesach pots, utensils, etc., by himself . . . well, it took me two hours to find the icecube tray the next year!

So here's the deal--we have to put away the Pesach pots together.

'Cause the Punster is a much better packer than I am, and can figure out how to squash everything into our storage boxes. (Boy, do we ever need at least one more plastic storage box!)

But, since I'm the one who has to do most of the set-up, I have to be able to find things! So either I have to tell him where to put certain essential items, such as the icecube tray, or see where he puts them, so that I can make notes in my Pesach files.

And this year, since my resident CPA had a particularly tough tax season (at least partly because one of his not-for-profit clients [tax returns for not-for-profit organizations are due today] is being a major pain in the butt), he couldn't spare the time 'til yesterday!

What a way to spend Mother's Day!

First the housecleaning.

Then the great Pesach put-away party.

Finally, a minute to myself while the Punster went off to get "tortured" by the aforementioned pain-in-the-butt non-profit organization. I sat down with book in hand to copy a quote into a comment on a post to which I had linked, then came back to my own blog to make a quick check for comments before taking a nap in preparation for going out to dinner. Imagine my surprise when I found this in my comments . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read that luke-warm water is the best thing to put on burns right away anyways- it's less of a shock to the already-traumatized skin. And for soaking, I'm told that salt-water is actually good. It's worked for me...

So if the ice isn't ready yet- there are still options.

Thu May 17, 07:47:00 AM 2007  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

debka_notion, thanks so much for the information. It's good to know that there are other tried-and-true alternatives.

Thu May 17, 11:37:00 PM 2007  

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